Help at Home

Working together in order to create a a lifestyle plan to suit all of your needs at home.

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Our Services

La Reponse wants to create a relationship which allows you to flourish and be happy at home.


Our objective with regards to “service” is to diminish the element of loneliness and help build an entourage including friends, family, community members and our friendly staff.

Working together we look for activities based on your interests, needs and passions in order to create an exciting and varied social calendar.

Too often, retirees and the older population are occupied solely by their medical treatments and health issues. At La Reponse we believe this is not enough thus, help you to create a more colourful and diverse lifestyle plan.

Enjoy special moments with our attentive staff who are there for you.

Our prices range from 35 to 37 chf/hr.

*Flat rates are possible for longterm care. Contact us to find out more.

Individual Activities

Through social activities and bonding, we want to break the cycle of loneliness at home.

  • Group outings
  • Group travel
  • Support for caregivers Help with shopping/Groceries
  • Help with meal preparation
  • Help with housekeeping
  • Gardening services
  • Administrative help
  • Evening and nightly care